About Me

Hello. My name is Sarah, I’m a designer, wife, and mother to the 3 boys I named my company after. My career started in design, working in New York City as a book cover designer. When we moved to Nashville I started Wolfe Brothers to celebrate my boys and continue to work creatively from home. Josiah is 3, Foster is 5, and Quinn is 6. They all share the middle name Wolfe, and keep our life very exciting.

Our youngest son was born in 2016 with a rare condition that causes complete blindness. If you want to know more about Siah’s story here’s a video we had made when he was still brand new. He has been the cornerstone in our family and given us all the greatest joy and perspective in life. This fall I am starting a graduate program at the University of Kentucky in Visual Impairment. If you think that’s the farthest thing from design… check out my post here.

I’d love to connect, email me at contact@wolfebrothers.co