Interview with Amy Webb of This Little Miggy

I’ve been following Amy Webb of This Little Miggy  for several years now and I love everything from her blog, to her perspective on advocating for kids with differences, and just parenting in general! It’s been amazing to not only learn about these kids and their families, but also to understand them better. Amy is also a published author and you can pre-order her amazing children’s book HERE. Today on her blog I had the privilege of being interviewed about our journey with my youngest son and his blindness diagnosis.

If you read my first blog post you know how I feel about sharing personal things, and my kids are the most personal part of my life, but its impossible to know us even on an impersonal level without knowing Siah’s incredible story. I haven’t ever talked about the details of Siah’s diagnosis before because I’ve always felt a very strong sense of protection over him and I explain that more in the interview! But it was important to me to stretch myself and share a little of his story so people understand that if they ever meet him, or any kids with differences, that there are a million ways he’s just like you. I hope you enjoy hearing a little bit of our perspective on life with Siah and his brothers and take time to read some of the other great stuff Amy has to say. Click the photo below to see our interview.



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