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Hello! Whether you know me more personally or because you follow me on the Wolfe Brothers instagram, its probably equal amounts of knowledge because only my husband, a close circle of friends, and my counselor know anything about anything. Yes, I see a counselor, it so healthy and amazing. 10/10 would recommend! haha In a generation of share ev.er.y.thing, I like to keep the most personal parts of my life close to the chest. 

So despite being introverted, I really wanted to grow the shop into a little more than only products for sale, so here I am. And I promise I did not add a blog to the site to bore you with what I had to eat for lunch or illusions of perfection in motherhood with staged photos of me casually sitting on the floor in a completely clean laundry room with my head gently tilted back laughing. That is a very specific photo I saw recently and I thought to myself what the actual heck is happening, that crap is so weird. I want the blog to be a place to share products or ideas that have worked and not worked for us, thoughts on raising kids from an ‘I don’t know everything, this is just my best educated guess’ parenting perspective, and also let other people, that are much smarter than me, share! I mean, I not Oprah so don’t get your hopes up, but that’s the idea.

My journey into motherhood made me realize that all moms want to feel like someone is with them and for them. I hope anything I share, whether it works for you or not, makes you feel that.

I wanted to start the blog off like this to hopefully give you an idea of who I am and where I’m coming from. Keep this disclaimer in mind if you ever read something I wrote: I don’t know everything, and more importantly I don’t think I know everything. I’m always open to anyone who wants to thoughtfully share their perspective so I can learn more. Please feel free to comment or email me at contact@wolfebrothers.co if you have any questions or want to connect. 


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